I am happy to share my experience of attending two free schools in Austria. I have visited several schools in Austria and Latvia, both public and private, including Montessori and Waldorf education. I am also familiar with home schooling.

I have been learning about:
    • learning through teaching,
    • design of learning processes,
    • and a little about flipped teaching
    • game based learning,
    • service learning and
    • entrepreneurship in education.
My biography of learning includes:
    • learning through teaching
    • democratic education
    • learning by doing and by playing
    • social-emotional learning and
    • mindfulness and compassion in education

I am a trainee teacher (subjects: mathematics, geography economics) and my home university is located in Vienna, last year I have been an exchange student in Riga, Latvia. I  travelled to Northern Europe to extend and deepen my present knowledge of effective didactic strategies and teaching methods for successful and sustainable learning.

I want to experience many different forms of teaching for best understanding.

My guiding question is how to combine democratic schooling with public education. Or how children can learn what they are interested in and at the same time learn, what they might need in future times. Moreover, to take into account their previous knowledge and – what they have never heard about and what we as a society believe or agree they ought to learn.